Top 10 Best Waterproof Baby Bed Sheet/Mat in India 2021

IF you are a first-time parent and are worried about your newborns to wet the bed, then the waterproof baby bed sheet/ mat would the first thing that you should consider buying. This is the most important thing to have in your bedroom if you want to keep the kids close to you in the night. Read Also: Best Inflatable Baby Bathtub in India

Top Selling Products

1. OYO BABY – Water Proof and Reusable Mat 
2. Bey Bee Baby Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet
3. Beybee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector
OYO BABY - Water Proof and Reusable Mat bey bee Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet
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The Indian market is filled with numerous options when it comes to the water baby bed sheets, and you should buy the best product wisely and according to the size of your bed. By doing so, you can easily buy the best bed protector for yourself, and get assured of giving the kids a comfortable night sleep.

Here are the top 10 best waterproof baby bed sheet that you can buy today for your kids.

Bestselling Waterproof Baby Bed Sheet/Mat

Go through them and find the best one for you without worrying about the various options available in the market.

1. Trance Home Linen Baby Dry Sheets

Trance Home Linen Baby Dry Sheets

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For those parents who are looking forward to buy a quick absorbent dry sheet for their kids, the Trance Home Linen Baby dry sheets would be a brilliant buy. Long with having a soft touch and feel, this bed dry sheet is extremely easy to wash and dry doesn’t need any special care.

Here are the unique features of the dry sheet

  • Easy to use
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Absorbs quickly

Things we liked

  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely soft and comfortable material

Things we didn’t liked

  • Not durable

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2. Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector

Little's Easy Dry Bed Protector

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For the buyers who are looking for a perfect bed protector for their new born babies, the Little’s easy dry bed protector would be a great buy. Along with a soft feel, these bed protectors are extremely easy to use and are available in different sizes that makes it easier for the buyers to choose the ideal one. The bed protector absorb the wetness and keep the surface dry.

Here are the unique features of the bed protector

  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Has proper drying instructions to make the maintenance easier
  • Available in different sizes

Things we liked

  • Absorbs quickly and efficiently
  • Different size for different growing stages of kids

Things we didn’t liked

  • Size can be better described

3. OYO BABY – Water Proof and Reusable Mat

OYO BABY - Water Proof and Reusable Mat

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For the buyers who are looking for the premium quality bed sheet protector for their kids, the OYO BABY – Water Proof and Reusable Mat would be a great choice. Apart from being fairly affordable and easy to use, this bed protector is perfect for new parents who want to keep their kids dry and safe. As these bed protector is available in different sizes, you can easily use it as a crib sheet or bassinet sheet

Here are the unique features of the OYO BABY – Water Proof and Reusable Mat.

  • Premium brand value
  • Extremely reliable
  • Dries faster than other bed protectors

Things we liked

  • Premium quality material
  • Good alternative to the plastic sheets

Things we didn’t liked

  • Should be washed daily

4. Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

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Another brilliant bed protector for kids. Apart from brilliant touch and feel, the fabric used in the bed protector is extremely safe for the delicate skin of kids. And this makes it one of the best baby bed protectors available in the Indian market.Also, the protector is made up of a special material that is a far more absorbent and softer option than the rubber and other material that are popular among the buyers.

Here are the unique features of the baby protector from Beybee.

  • Extremely thin and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with wash and drying instruction

Things we liked

  • Bright colors
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

Things we didn’t liked

  • Expensive than other bed protectors

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5. Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

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For those buyers who are looking for an  affordable and bed protector sheet for their kids, the Quick Dry Waterproof bed protector can be an ideal purchase. With good dimensions and premium fabric quality, this is one of the most reliable products for kids available in the market.

Here are the unique features of bed protector

  • Absorbs quickly and keeps the surface dry
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain

Things we liked

  • Longer life
  • Easy to use

Things we didn’t liked

  • Color may fade with use

6. OYO Baby Waterproof Bed Protector


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OYO Baby waterproof bet protector is considered as the best of kids and newborns babies. Its come with fluffy and super soft skin, friendly fabric and its tested and certified under supervision.

You can easily wash this mat in machine or hands and this mat provides you 100 percent protection against fluids, urine perspiration as well as.

Things we liked

  • It is economical anti dust changing mat
  • You can easily foldable and carry this bed sheet
  • Oyo brands is offered many sizes of sheets available for market
  • Its is extremely reliable
  • Available many colors

Things we didn’t liked

  • You have to washed daily

7. Bey Bee Baby Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

bey bee

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If you’re looking durable and best quality cotton baby waterproof bed sheet, then it is better option for you and it comes with heat free soft fabric, light weight along with many beautiful colors. It is breathable dry sheet with extra absorbance and anti dust changing mat as well.  This bey bee baby protector keeps your sheet dry, clean and provides protection against urine, fluids and many more. You can also easily this protector are wash and use it repeatedly, hence it would be great buy for your babies and adult also.

Things we liked

  • It also made with high quality and comfortable mat also
  • It gives your baby freedom to sleep for long period
  • It is lightweight, economical and reusable mat
  • Bey bee mattress protector is washable and can be used repeatedly
  • Its 100 percent waterproof and noiseless still breathable mat
  • Dries faster to other baby protectors
  • Available in many colors and sizes also

Things we didn’t liked

  • A little bit thin to other and leaving color as well

8. Newnik Cozymat Soft, Water-Proof & Reusable Mat 

Newnik Cozymat Soft

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Newnik Cozymat is a comfortable piece of fabric that is designed to prevent wetting. The extra layer of the mat ensures to absorb urine and other liquids without damaging the baby skin. The Newnik Cozymat gives babies the freedom to sleep peacefully without getting interrupted by wetness.

Things we liked 

  1. The baby mat is waterproof; the layers of the fabric promote fast dry and remove water vapor.
  2. The fabric promotes the baby skin to breathe better and enjoy the softness of the fabric.
  3. The mat can be reused and keeps the bed sheet dry
  4. The mat is designed to hold water up to 8 times its weight and at the same time can dry instantly

Things we did not like 

  1. The size of the mat is small and not suitable for a double bed

9. Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector- Large

Little easy dry bed protector

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The little easy dry bed protector is suitable for all parents looking for a comfortable bed protector. This product is designed by the manufactures by keeping in mind the needs of a little one. The product is designed by adopting the latest technology to ensure sound sleep to your little ones.

The bed protectors from little easy are available in different sizes. It keeps the baby bed stain and wet free.

Things we liked 

  • The bed protector is designed to absorb liquids quickly
  • The material used in the manufacturing the protector is of premium quality and ensure baby skin is protected
  • The protector is easy to use, completely hygienic and free from bacteria
  • The protector comes in different colors suitable for all babies

Things we did not like 

  • The colour and size of the product is not satisfactory

10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Baby Water Resistant Large Size Dry Sheet

Amazon Brand - Solimo Baby Water Resistant Large Size Dry Sheet

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As the name suggests the Solimo baby water-resistant sheet is suitable for large beds. For parents who prefer sleeping with the babies on the same bed, Solimo water sheets is a perfect option. The water-resistant sheet is designed to absorb more water and dry fast than cotton sheets.

Things we liked 

  • The sheet is easy to use and maintain. The sheet can be washed in a washing machine.
  • The sheet is designed for reuse and to last long
  • The dry sheet comes with dual-layer protection that absorbs liquid efficiently
  • This dry sheet is suitable for both babies and adults.

Things we did not like

  • The colour of the sheet is very light, stains easily and needs to be washed frequently

Need for Using a Waterproof Bed Sheet for Baby

  • As the name suggests, a baby bed protector sheet that is waterproof will protect the mattress of your bed from getting wet. It will soak the water so that your mattress remains dry and protected.
  • Since the bed will not get wet, your baby will experience good, sound sleep the whole night. He/she will not get any rashes on his/her skin. Dry skin and good sleep would prevent any kind of irritation. This would result in your baby waking up happy and fresh.
  • Their skin is very sensitive and can react to any dust or irritant. Most dry bed sheets come with non-quilted protectors. This would protect the baby from dust, bacteria, or any allergens. Waterproof bed sheets will protect your mattress from possible stains. 
  • Most of these dry bed sheets can be washed in machines. So it is easy to use and re-use.
  • Since these bed sheets are thin in width, it can easily be put under your normal bed sheet. You can effortlessly layer it up, and it will not be visible. 
  • These are affordable too. They don’t come with huge price tags and are easily available.
  • These become very handy in winters. It prevents the baby from sleeping in the wet sheet for long hours. Thereby, it protects the baby from catching a cold or any other major disease.  

Waterproof Dry Bed Sheets Vs. Plastic Sheets

Plastic mattress protectors can be a sticky, noisy, and uncomfortable experience for the baby. These hamper both your and your baby’s sleep. 

Yes, maybe plastic protectors are less costly and more easily available, but that would be a compromise to the baby’s health. Now a day, baby bed protector sheets for double bed are, no doubt, economical and are available in online sites.


If you are looking for best baby bed sheets, then you can rely on the above-listed products that are perfect in all aspects. So, go through the list and buy the best-suited product for yourself according to your preferences and budget.


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